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Freight forwarding

Transport company BUSU NOMA carries out cargo transportation in Riga, Europe and Russia  and other countries without holidays. Our automobiles are equipped with all necessary to short and long cargo transportation. Enterprise is using roomier automobiles with payload from 1-3 tons.

Convenient solution:
BUSU NOMA offers automatized logistics solutions, which ease Your enterprise from transport maintenance and management costs, shifting all logistics troubles to us.

Shopping malls, furniture salons, typographic, online shops, manufacturers and also more other enterprises and individuals.

We transport:
Building materials, furniture, commercial equipment, medical equipment, household appliances, clothes etc.
Our company have 10 different dimensions and payload transport units, which always is maintained in good technical and visual condition, so that cargo is delivered without delay.

Cargo transportation with minibuses

Choosing BUSU NOMU, You are choosing professionals team, who ar interested to find mutually convenient solutions. Great work experience, good prices, individual approach to every client and quality execution of the tasks is that, what differs us from other transporting companies in Latvia.

Our qualified workers will help you to plan, calculate the cost, load, unload and deliver in time.
Call +371 27018027 or write to e-mail info@busu-noma.lv to our kind managers, which from custom on the time will be Your personal consultants in freight forwarding.