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Passenger transport

I would be renting one of the pioneering companies in Latvian in passenger traffic. We use the latest modern techniques for organizing the bus. For many years, our department offers a passenger bus and minibus hire and provide good quality and reliable service performance.

Passenger services are performed with modern buses and vans. All vehicles are in perfect condition, both technically and visually. All maintenance is carried out according to schedule. Before each trip is made body wash and interior cleaning.
We perform various types of passenger transport:
Passenger transport by minibuses from 6-20 points.
Passenger transport by bus from 34-70 seats.
We hire only drivers with high seniority and experience in passenger traffic. The average driving experience of 10 years. Drivers come to place orders for 20 minutes in advance before the ordered time.
Passenger services are being implemented not only in Latvian, but also throughout Europe and the CIS.
Many large and small companies in Europe and the Latvian chose us as a consistent and reliable carriers.
Loyal customers we have special rates and discounts. Pricing is possible by contacting one of our managers by phone. (371) 27018027